The Infinitely Expandable Smartphone Case


The Clap Series of smartphone cases goes beyond just protecting your precious device. The 4-part collection — which consists of the Clap ’n’ Shield, Clap ’n’ Deco, Clap’n’ Charge, and Clap ’n’ Listen — provides users with security, style, supplemental power, and wireless headphone recharging depending on their preference. Just install the main case and choose the peripheral that you need. Collect them all to use them interchangeably or select the one (in one of many chic color combinations) that best suits your lifestyle.

Designers: Xinny Lin & Robin Yao




SHIELD is the basic module, providing phone protection and module mounting.

DECO is a customized decoration part with choices of leather, wood, or printing. Users could upload photos to an online store or use images provided to design their own DECO, making thousands of appearance possible.


CHARGE is a high efficiency mobile Qi wireless charger with built-in battery core and maximum power transfer thanks to the mounting design. It can also charge with wire by its Type-C interface.

LISTEN has two slots to retain earphones as AirPods while charging them and cell phone at the same when mounted to SHIELD. The COMBINATION structure is the core of this design, to satisfy the complex demands of different users.