Uber Cute and Uber Useful Keychains

Available in different colors these keychains called Cinquino, inspired by cars, are meant to be like a small collection of zoomorphic mascots. The design is simple. You squeeze a soft top cushion to activate the LED headlights. Yea that’s it. Don’t kill me. So it’s not the most AMAZING and complex design we’ve ever featured but COM’ON it’s uber CUTE!

Designer: Enrico Pandolfini


  • NOYFB says:

    How is that useful?

  • That is indeed clever! I got a huge collections of cool and crazy gadgets and now I am into fancy and useful keychains. I have a wide array of digital picture frames in key chains. I would include this in my give aways this season.Thanks for sharing!

  • beni says:

    You know what this would be good for though, they could use this design in future remote car keys.

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