A smart hanger that recommends clothes based on the weather forecast!

What if, instead of your phone telling you hours before you head out that it may rain, your hanger, upon which your umbrella rests, gives you a reminder?? It makes a world of sense, because not everyone remembers the notification that pops up on their phone amidst the hundred others that do through the day… but if your clothes hanger told you to take a scarf with you, or to wear something summery instead of an overcoat, that’s much more effective.

Presenting the Take-Off, and idea that literally took off in an IOT ecosystem in Melbourne. Designed with a flipboard display, the Take-Off is a clock/temperature-reader/forecast-based-fashion-advisor. The flipboard, aside from displaying the time, also shows you the temperature outside, and when you’re about to step out, will recommend clothes that best compliment the weather outside. The flipboard has a pretty detailed catalog, covering topwear, bottomwear, footwear, and miscellaneous other accessories, from sunglasses to beanies to umbrellas. The level of detail given to forecast representation is pretty neat too, for example, the Take-Off can tell you if it’s raining, about to rain, or if there’s a storm outside, just by showing you an open umbrella, a closed umbrella, or an overturned umbrella!

The Take-Off is an IoT device, but its beauty lies in its physical-over-digital nature. The flipboard is undoubtedly a playful element, while it also consumes lesser power than a traditional display. It, however, doesn’t undermine the Take-Off’s efficacy. The product still displays the time and the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, aside from being your forecast fashion guru. What’s more is that the device works over Wi-Fi to stay on top of things, while also connecting with your phone to know when you usually step out, so that it can recommend apparel to you just as you’re getting ready to step out!

Designer: Take-Off