The Doctor’s Office on Your Wrist


The CORX biometric smartwatch goes beyond the pedometer feature of similar designs to provide real-time health data and wellness guidance to modern users. Synced with a telemedicine platform, the design serves as a direct link between physicians and patients. It provides medical professionals remote access to sensitive vitals like blood oxygen levels, respiration rate, calorie intake, and more in order to diagnose and monitor conditions outside the office.

Ideal for everyone from post-op patrons to soon-to-be moms, it’s been expertly crafted to look more stylish than medical. It features a full-color HD touch crystal display has a chrome steel frame and textured silicone strap for comfort and breathability.

Designer: Ponti Design Studio for Saluber


CORX uses a dedicated Saluber app to connect the user to the telemedicine platform. Launched in Italy with hundreds of medical specialists (including cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, orthopedics, and pediatricians), the platform can also be used to provide remote home care to elderly patients, monitor post-op situations, provide home physical therapy, pregnancy support and prescriptions fulfillment. CORX biometric watch will be launching in the US in early 2019.


The 43mm stainless steel case has a matte charcoal grey finish, and is scratch resistant and extremely durable. The full-color HD touch crystal has a chrome steel frame for a seamless look.