Beer gut Saver

I just love ideas that come from outside “influences”, like “oh man, I may be totally blitz right now but we should totally head to Vegas tonight!” or “If I had money, I would totally open my own bar…but a cool bar, with every kind of beer from around the world…and every kind of nachos from around the world too…” Well dear friends, thank god most of us usually pass out before such genius ideas ever come to fruition. I present “the Kegstand” by Michael Roller, born of an apparent need to consume more beer more elegantly in your backyard. Never again feel the shame of drinking with your buddies in the backyard from your plastic trash can, now you can be the life of the party and Mister Cool with this plastic trash can/ keg housing / oh what the hell am I writing about anyway… you get the point. It’s a giant plastic garbage can that makes it easier for lazy people to get their drink on faster and comes with cup-holders. Britney Spears approves!

Designer: Michael Roller

Texts from the designer:

As we began defining our concept we discussed sustainability, realizing the keg lifecycle is optimal – rent, return, refill – then rent again. So we went into the field and looked for other opportunities to improve the keg experience. We discovered that the three key areas in need of our help were transportation, maintenance, and entertainment.

We added handles and wheels to our concept so that the Kegstand can easily transport a keg from the store to your backyard.

Second, we evaluated the required maintenance while using a keg. 10 out of 10 college students prefer cold beer; so submerging the keg in ice is essential. Here’s where it can get tricky: Users have the daunting task of lifting the 15.5 gallons of beer into an aluminum trashcan. Because the host house sacrifices their trashcan, trash becomes unmanageable, piling up around the house to be cleaned up the following day.

To address these issues, we broke the keg cozy down into two parts. Users now only lift the keg about a foot onto the base, then slide the top half over the top and buckle it down. Dump in the ice and you’re ready to go. When you’re finished, a plug allows for easy drainage of melted ice. Built in hooks let the hosts hang a garbage bag to do their best managing all the empties.

Finally, we wanted to make the keg the center of the party instead of that guy. We added a cap display so you no longer have to ask, “What kind of beer did they get?” Then we added a cup dispenser and serving tray so you don’t have to jockey for position waiting to fill up.