Design-driven Building Sticks for the Curious and Aesthetically-inclined

Lego blocks build your curiosity. The TiKA builds curiosity as well as a sense of aesthetics. The TiKA modular design kit is a seriously fun kit that helps you exercise your sense of structure, geometry, and aesthetics. Comprising a base, magnetic balls, and sticks that attach to these magnetic balls/joints, the TiKA is just the sort of toy anyone between the ages 12 to 112 could use.

Tika allows you to build and test structures, make abstract skeletal frameworks, create trellises for plants, and even create abstract LED lighting! The metal balls act as joints, while the TiKA’s sticks come with a neodymium magnet insert running through and through. This enables the TiKA to conduct electricity, and introduce TiKA’s LED rod to the mix and the abstract structure turns into abstract lighting at an instant!

The TiKA comes in a variety of formats. A regular structure-building kit, a planter building kit, and a lamp building kit. These kits are optimized for both floor-standing and hanging variants, letting you create pretty much anything you choose. Building your TiKA structure starts with its base, to which you add the metal balls. You can then start snapping the magnet/wood sticks to these balls (the sticks make a tik sound as they snap, giving the product its name, TiKA), adding as many sticks as you want, testing the structure’s integrity, and adding more ball joints anywhere you see fit.

The TiKA sticks are designed to last a lifetime. Each stick is made from beech wood, and comes with powerful neodymium magnets. The bases differ from variant to variant. The regular kit provides you with a regular wood base, while the lamp-making kit comes with a wired base that even includes its own dimmer-switch, allowing you to set the mood by building your own lamp and then adjusting the intensity of the light accordingly.

Ultimately, the TiKA tests and fosters two things. Your ability to create stable structures, and your skill to create unique, visually alluring designs. The possibilities are practically endless with the TiKA, and you can optimize and change the design whenever your mood changes, or as your plant grows, if you’ve opted for the Planter-kit. They’re also a great way to build geometric structures, creating and testing out skeletal forms like buckminsterfullerenes, or just building anything your heart desires! The TiKA is more than just a toy or a planter, or a lamp. It’s one of the greatest visual tools to foster creativity and an eye for aesthetics!

Designers: Florin Cobuz & Adrian Enache

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TiKA is a modular creation kit suited to build an unlimited number of amazing structures, such as lamps, holders for your plants or just jaw-dropping design objects for your apartment, office or anything in between.


TiKA’s modular system opens a world of possibilities through its five different sized wooden building sticks and small magnetic metal balls that act as connectors with flexible joints. You can also choose from 3 different, but connectable, bases to build upon.

With TiKA, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create. Just look at some of these awesome designs below:






How Does TiKA Work?

TiKA’s modular system opens a world of possibilities through its 5 different sized sticks, metal balls that act as connectors and flexible joints, along with 3 different bases to build upon.


How to Build with TiKa

1. Start with the base.
2. Begin to simply connect the TiKA sticks with the metal balls to build mesh-like structures.
3. Display your creations around your home!


Click here to Buy Now: $124 $165 (25% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!