Olloclip wants to make the best iPhone camera ‘better’

One of the very first companies to start making external professional lenses for smartphones, Olloclip recognized that one day, the camera would stand at the very top of a phone’s feature list, and that the largest amount of visual data generated on any given day, will be from a smartphone (by an incredibly long stretch). Their lenses boast of top-notch quality, and their purely-for-iPhone focus has allowed them to make incredibly accurate mounting systems, letting their lenses do the talking as they remarkably enhance the capabilities of the iPhone’s camera. The Mobile Photography Set for the iPhone X comes with a mount and phone-stand (that cleverly lock into each other, making it easy to carry) that’s incredibly simple and fast to set up. The mount clips satisfyingly onto the phone, precisely aligning with your camera, making sure your lenses are snapped on with precision and accuracy, allowing for crisp, distortion-free photos.

The mount comes with two lenses, a super-wide angle (120°), and a 180° fisheye, which converts into a 15X macro lens if you screw the top off. The lenses work well with both back and front-facing cameras, upping their game, and providing razor-sharp images because of the perfect lens-alignment. Made for the most popular phone of 2017-18, the Olloclip Mobile Photography Set can be easily carried around with your phone and is, just like the iPhone X, a perfect combination of portability and performance.

Designer: Olloclip

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