Switch Candle by Seungyoub Oh

Everyone has a fond memory of turning off electricity and lighting a candle. One can enjoy the mysterious yet peaceful and comforting ambience radiating from a small, flickering luminance that is often absent in modern lighting apparatus. A light switch in a room does not add any aesthetic value to interior design to the room. Switch Candle brings back the fond memory, adding not only to the interior design but providing a soothing ambience in the dark room.

The small holes at the top of the switch are designed to assume a candle’s wick when LED is on. When the user blows on the holes, it activates a sensor which discriminates the degree of airflow. Gentle airflow makes the LED flicker as if real candle flame dances in air. Strong airflow turns the LED off, effectively granting the user a sense of blowing a candle off.

Designer: Seungyoub Oh