This digital bag-tag could stop you from missing your flight

This would probably be what I deem an unlikely place to put a screen, but the Bagtag, on the rare occasion that you’re running late to catch a flight, may just shave precious minutes off your checking-in routine, making sure you’re aboard the airlines. Although, when I think about it now, it helps even when you’re on time, by allowing you to spend more time in the lounge and less time queueing up to check your bags in.

The Bagtag is an electronic little gizmo that attaches to your bag, allowing you to check your bags in via your smartphone and beam the generated tag to the screen attached to your luggage. Doing so saves you the need to manually check each bag in (a problem that only gets worse when you’re stuck behind an unending line of people). The tag appears on the e-ink screen, making it easy to read and even scan via a barcode scanner. The Bagtag uses low-energy bluetooth to pull information from your smartphone, displaying the tag on a screen so robust it can take every bit of abuse that comes along with rough baggage handling by the airline staff. Stick it, strap it, screw it, the Bagtag stays in its place on all types of bags. It’s weatherproof, damage-resistant, and literally a headache to take off, which means your bags are less likely to get lost/misplaced because of a scuffed or torn tag. You’ll be doing your bit to protect the environment too by printing out less paper tags! Lastly, the Bagtag comes with state-of-the-art hardware encryption that allows you and only you to beam content to its e-ink screen… oh, and it comes with a 3V coin cell battery that lasts as long as 2,500 flights, which should easily last you a lifetime and some!

Designer: Bagtag & Slimdesign