Lofree’s QTV speaker uses nostalgia as a design trigger

I love when you look at a product and can instantly guess which company it belongs to, purely by the way it looks. Lofree’s carefree, retro aesthetic is almost a signature visual style of the company, and it unites all its products under lofree’s brand. Looking beautifully 20th century, lofree’s QTV speaker is wireless, yet retro, taking new-age technology but hiding it under the blanket of vintage so well, it brings out nostalgia and feels less like a gimmick and more like a wonderful blast from the past.

Looking like a fond caricature of a cathode ray tube television from the 60s, the QTV (I suspect a portmanteau of cutie and tv) comes with a curved screen, an antenna, a volume knob, alarm and timer buttons, and a curved body that sports color combinations that beautifully complement its retro nature. The speaker pairs with your smartphone over Bluetooth, while the screen displays visuals that stay wonderfully true to the speaker’s ‘vintage-ness’, starting with visual static, and showcasing a flipboard clock while in standby and a vinyl disc rotating when you have music playing. Built with nice, palm-sized dimensions and a battery capable of providing 5 hours of play-time, and a very capable 40mm full-frequency audio driver, the lofree QTV is adorable and portable… and wants you to love it for what it reminds you of, as well as what it’s capable of!

Designer: lofree