Take the Road Less Travelled

The world of design is moving in one direction recently, autonomous vehicles and tiny urban living pods and don’t get me wrong, that’s an exciting sphere to be in. But while there are designers figuring out the future, there are others figuring out the here and now. Recently we saw the Radinn G2X, a surfboard that didn’t stop when the waves did. Now we’ve got TRACK1, an off-road electric board that doesn’t stop when the road does.

The TRACK1 can beat off snow, sand, and dirt to get you wherever you need to – of course, this board also eats up the city streets too. TRACK1 gets its name from the strong, tank-like track sitting in the rear of the board, not to mention the two large accompanying front wheels, ready to tackle anything that comes at it. This board is the first of its kind that has made the claim to be made for the off-road and has delivered on that. If the thought of balancing back and forth, rocking from side-to-side to control this beast is a little intimidating (which it most certainly is), the TRACK1 comes with a handlebar that the user can install and gain full control over that wild ride. So whether you’re late for work or just feel like taking the dirt track every now and then, jump aboard the TRACK1.

Designer: Flux Design Co.