Rollin and Buggin!

Keep on buggin, that’s what I say. Keep on buggin in the free world. Do it on this. This is the “City Bug” scooter, designed by Omer Menashri for all the world to keep buggin. It’s electric, designed for urban life, created in the abstract form of the ever-so-inspirational grasshopper. Made to overcome obstacles, like fashion, which it totally rips a hole in with its new-age form. And bumps on the ground! Which it completely takes care of business over with it’s front AND rear suspension which allow for you to be grasshopping across the landscape.

Like the grasshopper adapted itself to live inside the city, says Menashri, so too does the City Bug, living in a city world made up of bumps, bums, and other radical things you could totally launch over.

*NOTE: this vehicle is not made for launching over things. Just for cruzin.

Designer: Omer Menashri

City Bug scooter by Omer Menashri