The Cyclist Sweeper-Upper


The broom wagon, or “voibure balai” as it is known in France, is a broom-adorned van that sweeps up straggling riders in the Tour de France. This grim reaper of the race has gone largely unchanged over the years which inspired designers Florian Mack and Sebastian Russ to take a stab at imagining a better bike-and-people-picker-upper!

Simply called the Sweeper, it not only picks up riders but provides them with a place to rest and regenerate in the back of the vehicle. Unlike the intimidating reputation of the broom wagon, the Sweeper serves as a sanctuary for suffering riders who can rejoin the race later. Its missing-midsection is purposefully designed for a better way to transport the delicate bicycles – something very important for riders who’s machines can be worth upwards of $10,000. Rather than laid down in the back of a van, the bikes are suspended and safely kept out of harms way.

Designer: Florian Mack & Sebastian Russ