These flashing armbands help increase your visibility and let you indicate turns while cycling

What Flasher proposes is such a simple yet effective idea. Most cycling accidents happen at night, when it’s difficult to notice the bicycle or the person on it – Flasher makes it safer by simply snapping lights to your arms. Quite like the armbands that are designed for safety while swimming, Flasher’s armbands are designed to keep you visible, and therefore safe in low-light conditions. They also have built-in gesture-controlled indicators to let cars and pedestrians know when you’re about to make a turn.

Designer: Flasher GmbH

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Flasher is a pair of universally-fitting illuminating armbands that secure around your arms with a simple snapping motion. Each armband comes with built-in lights that work in different modes based on your use case. Designed to be bright enough to make you visible, but not too bright to be a distraction, Flasher is perfect for cyclists, joggers, skaters, or even if you’re walking your dog.

Day Mode – With constant lights in the armbands off, the turn signals and emergency brake lights are still at your disposal.

Night Mode – With the armbands’ lights constantly on you can enjoy white to the front and red to the back – both directly on your upper arms where the traffic around you can see it best.

Jogging Mode – The Flasher armbands glow constantly with yellow light.

Emergency Mode – Both armbands will continuously flash red all-around your upper arms and the strobing lights will draw others’ attention.

Designed for visibility in any scenario, each Flasher comes with 4 lighting modes – Day, Night, Jogging, and Emergency. Depending on your use case, Flasher keeps you visible under all circumstances, and when in an emergency, it even rapidly flashes red to help grab attention. When used while cycling, Flasher has a built-in brake light that automatically deploys when you abruptly stop or slow down, and intuitive gesture-controlled indicators let you easily let people know you’re turning, without an app or a remote. The indicator is activated by merely lifting your elbow, your hands can stay safely on the handlebar the entire time.

Flasher’s uniqueness lies almost entirely in its designs. We’ve covered quite a few high-visibility designs for cyclists, and none seem to be as effective, universal, and feature-laden as the Flasher. Reflective strips don’t do much during the day, and can’t indicate. Helmet or body-worn lights have their own demerits too – they aren’t always hands-free and come with cumbersome remote controls to use their different functions. Also, these lights aren’t conducive to joggers, or people with dogs. Flasher’s unique solution fills in all those gaps. It’s easy to wear, and securely snaps around your arm regardless of size or clothing. In fact, you could share a Flasher with a friend, or attach one to your dog’s harness, giving you a clever two-for-one workaround.

Gesture-controlled Turn Signals – With Flasher you can activate the turn signals by simply lifting your elbow in your turn direction.

Automatic Emergency Brake Light – Flasher armbands automatically illuminate red on the back when you decelerate strongly.

Versatile and Easy to Use – Comes in one size but still fits essentially everyone. The armbands automatically adapt to the size of your arm.

Each Flasher armband comes with 24 high-performance Cree LEDs encased in a silicone armband with an ABS+PC hub at its center. The Flasher armbands come in a one-size-fits-all design, weighing a mere 140 grams each, and are designed to be water-resistant so you can wear them in the rain too. Each Flasher has a built-in 700 mAh battery that gives it anywhere from 9 hours (in Night mode) to 19 hours (in Day Mode) of use, with a USB-C port to charge each individual band. You can grab a pair of Flasher bands at a discounted €169 ($181) on Kickstarter, with deliveries scheduled for November.

Click Here to Buy Now: $182 $237 (23% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!