Most Buzzed Designs of June 2017

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in June 2017.


This footwear design comes as separate modules that can not just be interchanged for style, but even worn separately for functionality. Rugged when you want it, bare-basic when you need it, and comfortable when you demand it.


The entire concept of the Revolights sounds fascinating. A headlamp, and a tail-lamp, within the wheel of your bicycle itself! How it works is even more fascinating.


The wallets above aren’t just your run-of-the-mill moneybags. They have good design and innovation written all over them. Check out these inventive cash-stashers!


The Nokia Vision 2018 concept phone brings Nokia’s Lumia aesthetic to modern times, with bezel-less screens, chrome accents, a dual back-facing camera, and Android-powered brain (85% of the world’s favorite mobile OS).


Designed for the explicit purpose of giving you precise control over your sleep, the Neuroon Open is an open-source headband that can be used for effective sleeping, smart waking, deep meditation, polyphasic sleep, and lucid dreaming!


When we imagine synthesizers, we often picture big, bulky equipment like the massive Moog. The Piino explores a more compact form that allows musicians to capture inspiration on the go!



Made for the rebel, maverick biker, the Pangolin backpack is great for wearing while riding. Not only does store all your gadgets and essentials, it can even hold your bike-helmet, given its unique hemispherical shape.


OMNI smartwatch is focused on individuality, ease of use and expandability. The modular design takes inspiration from analog watches so you no longer have to commit to only one design.


This little stainless soap shaped bar can wash off any stench or odor from your hands that you may have accumulated in the kitchen, or anywhere else.


This minimalist lighting and air purifying pod is capable of being carrying and placed almost anywhere but is specifically designed for use in the kitchen.


No! This isn’t one of those “If VW made a…” concepts! The VW Fridge (an actual fridge!) comes as a collaboration between European appliance giant Gorenje and none other than Volkswagen whom we know too well.


Michelin is currently exploring this opportunity with this incredible 3D printed airless tire system they’re calling the “Visionary Concept.”


If you want to keep your fingers busy and yourself entertained, ditch that fidget spinner for a TinyArcade that actually puts a miniature playable arcade game in the palm of your hand!