Do It Yourself (with a little help!)

Whether it’s executing a complex food recipe or putting together literally anything from IKEA, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a helping hand from someone who had a little experience?! That’s the idea behind this clever wearable! Sensei, literally translate from Japanese as “one born before another”, is designed to connect users with experts who can help them with a variety of tasks.

Users must only give Sensei a single push to be put in touch with an expert who can assist them with whatever they’re doing. As silly as it looks, the forehead mounted design gives experts on the other end a first-person view of what the user is doing, making it easy to guide them. Imagine the possibilities! A mechanic to help you with a quick car fix… a gardener to help you choose the right plants for your climate… a trainer to teach your dog new tricks. With a number of experts available at the push of a button, it encourages a DIY attitude and transfer of knowledge!

Designer: DJ Sanghera