Hack your Sleep like Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Thomas Edison, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Buckminster Fuller. Do you know what all these geniuses had in common? They all mastered the art of productivity by hacking their sleep cycles to the fullest extent. By calibrating their sleep needs and planning out sleep timings, they could satisfy their body with almost 3-4 hours of intense, deep sleep and stay productive for 20 hours or more.

Every single person has a different sleep requirement. Timing, duration, intensity, and even sleep conditions change from person to person. The only problem is we don’t know them. I for one, may be a sleeper who just needs five hours from midnight to 5am, whereas you may be able to satisfy your sleep needs with just four hours, from say 2am to 6am. That’s where sleep assistants come in. They can be an app, or a wearable, but nothing is quite as effective as a smart headband. Designed for the explicit purpose of giving you precise control over your sleep, the Neuroon Open (you may remember them from their previous campaign) is an open-source headband that can be used for effective sleeping, smart waking, deep meditation, polyphasic sleep, and lucid dreaming. The wearable comes in two parts, an EEG (electroencephalogram) that measures brain-waves, and an eye-mask that has LEDs within it, to help you wake up, or to trigger a lucid dream. The EEG can be used to monitor brain waves, allowing you to get a precise reading of your sleep habits and needs, also allowing you to meditate by playing out audio cues to lull your brain into the correct meditative state. Pair this with the eye-mask and you have a consolidated sleep assistant resting against your forehead, analyzing your mind’s needs and presenting them to you with medical-grade accuracy via Neuroon’s app, that comes with a wide variety of features

Neuroon Open’s most incredible feature is its ability to go to the extent of creating the perfect environment for sleep and waking. It pairs with your thermostat, smart-lights, and audio devices to make sure your immediate surroundings are conducive to a good night’s sleep, and/or a well-lit environment that makes you feel refreshed and invigorated. All these features are further empowered by Neuroon’s open-source network, that allows users to customize their Neuroon Opens to the max, and even develop on it, based on their needs. Serious tinkerers can even build their own Neuroon headbands by accessing the electronics guides on Neuroon’s websites!

Created for anyone who’s ever said the words “If only there were more than 24 hours in a day”, Neuroon Open’s purpose is to juice every bit of productivity out of your 24 hours. Instead of sleeping those eight hours (which is a myth), Neuroon tells you how many hours your body needs, allowing you to add up to an entire day of productivity to your week.

Designer: Kamil Adamczyk

BUY NOW: $119.00 $199.00


A/B testing of your sleep. Learn how you sleep and boost your energy for the day.


Meditation. Prepare your body and mind for the night.


Lucid Dreaming. Your entrance to the world of lucid dreaming.


Smart wakeups. Design your perfect wakeup and get energy for the whole day.







BUY NOW: $119.00 $199.00