Nokia’s return to glory


Can I say, before the smartphone craze, Nokia was the Apple. Their phones surpassed everything we wished and hoped for. If you didn’t have a Nokia, you didn’t have a phone worth even talking about, or talking into. Now that craze has split among various other companies, with Apple and Samsung having the lion’s share. However, in my heart I will always root for Nokia. 🙂

The Nokia Vision 2018 concept phone brings Nokia’s Lumia aesthetic to modern times, with bezel-less screens, chrome accents, a dual back-facing camera, and Android-powered brain (85% of the world’s favorite mobile OS).

Even with its for-modern-times design, there’s something still very Nokia about it. The tight radii on the phone’s corners and glass with rounded edges. It goes from being lovable, with Lumia’s candy colors, to being taken seriously, with the black matte-finish playing wonderfully off the camera’s chrome accents on the back. Welcome back, Nokia, welcome back!

Designer: Jonas Daehnert