Move Over, Moog


When we imagine synthesizers, we often picture big, bulky equipment like the massive Moog. The Piino explores a more compact form that allows musicians to capture inspiration on the go!

It’s kinda like a sketchbook… in fact, it’s about the same size – only, it’s just for musicians. Composed of a real wood exterior, it almost feels like an authentic instrument. In contract, if you unfold it, you’ll find a colorful and modern interface that encourages play and exploration of its many functions. Ultra-compact, foldable, and portable, you can easily throw it in a bag or backpack and open it up any time inspiration hits!

Included in the compact package are 16 keys, 6 customizable effects presets, 2 effects sliders, 4 effect knobs, a touch screen, a loop station, a speaker and a stylish wooden trackpad to further manipulate and fine-tune sound.

Designer: Jack Marple