A Pen That Never Dies!


It’s no secret that we’re in love with Titanium as a material. Virtually indestructible, lightweight, amazing to the touch, and that faint blue color… Titanium will outlast you and everybody after you. It doesn’t rust or patina, which means even after generations, it’ll look brand new. Honestly now, what’s there not to love?!

The Titanium Pen Type-B is a successor to the wildly successful Pen Type-A. The Type-A was a meticulously engineered metal pen that came with its own squarish architect’s scale cover. You slid the pen in, and you were left with a beautiful metal scale. Titanium Type-B was made as a classic alternative to Type-A. The Titanium Type-B features a sleeve made of titanium (Type-A was made of stainless steel) that rather than taking on a specifically functional requirement, aims at becoming a classic, to be used anywhere, anytime, for centuries.

Precision made out of titanium, the body and sleeve of the Titanium Type-B have a finish that I can no longer describe as sleek, because they surpass that. Smooth, machine-milled surfaces with absolutely no branding whatsoever give the Titanium Type-B an air of purity. The only visible surface change on the pen is a flat surface on the sleeve that keeps the pen from rolling off.

The tolerances on the pen’s parts are so incredibly low, that they’re something to be experienced too. When you pull the pen out of the sleeve, you hear that pleasing ‘pop!’ as the pen and sleeve separate, allowing air to rush in. When you put the pen back into the sleeve, it slides in ever so gently, almost like a pneumatic piston. Watching it do so is a thing of sheer beauty! The Titanium Type-B literally redefines precision.

The pen is a part of Kickstarter’s Gold selection, which aims at re-launching old classic crowd-favorite projects. For a limited amount of time, the Titanium Pen Type-B is up for grabs, with over 600 backers at the time of writing! The Pen Type-A is up for grabs too (given how it’s a classic), and if you’ve already got the Type-B you can opt to buy just the sleeve for the Titanium Type-B.

Designers: Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy of CW&T

BUY NOW: $140.00










BUY NOW: $140.00