Unlike any TWS Earbud on the market, the Nocs NS1100 Air actually calibrates its audio experience based on your hearing

Each human is different. We see things differently, think differently, dress differently, have different tastes in food, movies, music. Some people actually like listening to Taylor Swift. I’m definitely not one of those people, but I can acknowledge that we’re all different in our own ways. We hear things differently too – some of us can hear certain higher or frequencies while others can’t… and just like there’s no such thing as the perfect movie or song because all of us have different tastes and preferences, there’s no such thing as the perfect pair of earphones because we all hear differently.

Designer: Nocs

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While every single audio tech company tries to arduously build what they believe are the ‘best’ earphones or headphones, there’s a crucial step that they all leave out – testing your hearing. Just the way you test your eyesight while getting prescription spectacles (instead of just assuming you’ve got bad eyesight and wearing thick lenses), it’s important to test your hearing while buying TWS earphones too – a process that Nocs believes is key to the entire user experience. The Nocs NS1100 Air are perhaps one of the only pairs of earphones that actually calibrate to your hearing, so that they sound good to YOU.

The process takes all of 3 minutes and occurs just once – right as you wear the earphones for the first time. The earphones come along with the Nocs smartphone app which uses Audiodo’s cutting-edge audiometry to generate an incredibly precise and thorough model of a user’s sense of hearing. The entire process takes under 3 minutes and runs calibration for each ear separately, specifically tuning the audio exactly to your preferences and your hearing.

Designed for music, calls, and everything in between, the earbuds come equipped with 9.2mm graphene drivers that boast of incredibly low distortion and higher bandwidth. They even sport hybrid active noise cancellation, orchestrated by 4 MEMS microphones that cancel out external audio while being able to clearly isolate and pick up your voice while you’re talking on calls. Additionally, they come with transparency mode too, allowing you to listen in on the world around you – a feature that’s made even more useful considering that the NS1100 Air have a stunning 9 hour battery life (that gets bumped up to 30 hours with the charging case).

While the audio calibration is easily the Nocs NS1100 Air’s most impressive feature, it’s worth noting how well the TWS earbuds are designed too. The earbuds are unsettlingly tiny and sit discreetly in your ear without any annoying stem poking out. Their compact design allows the charging/carrying case to be pretty compact too, and while in your ear, there’s a lower likelihood of the earphones falling off because of the secure fit thanks to the use of silicone ear-tips.

Designed by Nocs, a trueblue audio company that’s been designing audio gear for deejays and audiophiles since 2009, the NS1100 Air are their smallest and most advanced TWS earbuds yet. With a surprisingly compact design, they still deliver crystal clear audio thanks to those graphene drivers, and boast of 9 hours of use (more than even the AirPods Pro)… and that calibration feature just sets them apart as the only pair of consumer-grade earbuds that actually takes the audio experience seriously, and acknowledges the fact that every user is different and deserves a uniquely personal listening experience.

Click Here to Buy Now: $150.