This Wallpaper can tell bedtime stories!

They say walls have ears, well these walls don’t but they do have the ability tell wonderful bedtime stories to your children! Designed for French DIY giant Castorama, these wallpapers come with a pattern of cartoon characters. What’s great is that when you scan any one of the characters with Castorama’s Magic Wallpaper app, the app immediately recognizes the character and brings up a story about it that you can read to the child. Multiple characters mean multiple stories, and Castorama’s app even allows you to combine any two characters to open up a story about them, effectively meaning you have hundreds of bedtime stories, right inside your wallpaper!

Plus, since the stories are all connected to Castorama’s story database, updates can easily add new stories to characters, meaning you’re not stuck with one boring repetitive tale to tell your kids. It also means rather than investing in a bookshelf (although you should, it’s great when kids read for themselves), your wall becomes a veritable library of stories, tales, and anecdotes. If only they designed a wallpaper for us grown-up bookworms too!

Designer: TBWA/Paris for Castorama