A kid-friendly refrigerator to keep all the members of the house happy with great food!

‘Assorti’ translates to ‘harmony,’ in French, and a new line of refrigerators, designed specifically and equally for both children and parents, from Designer dot embraces exactly that. When it comes to household appliances, it sometimes seems that the usability or user-friendliness is tailored for young adults or older adults – children typically are left with the appliances that they’ll soon grow out of, but Assorti changes that.

Assorti aims to decrease the overall distance between children and adults – Assorti is a refrigerator designed with both parents and children in mind as users. The designers behind Assorti have designed and constructed a refrigerator that provides separate compartments for children that are easily reachable even from low heights. The refrigerator is comprised of two main sides, the child and the parent. The child’s side is found on the left of Assorti and is made up of two sliding cupboard-like compartments. This is the ‘ready-to-eat’ side so that children can easily grab a juice pack, cool pack of fruit snacks, or a yogurt cup whenever they choose and parents won’t have to worry about any mess popping up before dinner from children climbing shelves to reach their favorite flavor. The child’s side is equipped with a three-tier, refrigerated sliding shelf that comes out to full extension so the children of the house can peruse the snack shelves at their leisure. Assorti grants your kids limited access to the refrigerator’s goodies in order to instill both a sense of know-how in the kitchen for young people and a sense of respect for thoughtful boundaries set by parents.

Right above the child’s cupboard, parents will find an additional sliding shelf, this time only two-tier, where they can store their ‘more adult’ items like liquor or skincare products. Moving over to the right side, the parent’s side, a classic refrigerator model takes shape. Inside, you’ll find plenty of shelf room, pull-out drawers, and a freezer section, so that you can store all of your ingredients for cooking, like meats, fish, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. Assorti also comes with a display screen, located on the right side, which informs users of the temperatures for each section of the refrigerator, including the storage cupboards, the refrigerator, and the freezer. Assorti also comes in three different colors, rose pink, taupe gray, and slate black, so that no matter your kitchen space, Assorti can easily slide into the harmony of your home.

Designer: Designer dot