Concealed and Convenient

Switchblades are for gangsters. Army Knives are for, well, army people (duh). What about the general populace? People who randomly need a knife to cut something open, or cut something loose? You can’t keep a full fledged knife on your body at all times. That’s the first sign that you may need therapy. The Screwpop is a tiny little knife to get the job done. It has its own stainless steel protective cover (that also opens bottles…whut whut!), and a brass eye that allows the knife to be secured to your keychain or carabiner clip. The blade has notches that allow you to lock it in place. On the whole, the Screwpop is sleek, shiny, and tiny; which makes it perfect for everyday carrying!

Designer: ScrewpopTM Tool, LLC.


  • Jeff says:

    Had something like this. It was superb, but it got confiscated when i went to board a plane. Forgot about it completely!

  • shaunworth says:

    somehow i’m not convinced by the locking system. it has a stopper that can slide backwards, which means that your blade can slide out if the stopper isn’t held in place. isn’t that dangerous?

  • ann0minus says:

    When can I buy one ?
    I’ve got 4 stainless steel utility knife blade holders from Gerber. I carry one with me every day because of the work I do.
    The only thing lacking is a belt/money clip.
    I totally like the simplicity of this design.
    I like the fact that I could remove the blade with out the need of a screw diver for scraping action.

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