Maximising your MINI experience

We’ve seen a lot of Virtual Reality (VR) of late. As much as it sounds fancy, it’s actually pretty straightforward. The real wonder is Augmented Reality (AR), which doesn’t just put a screen in front of your eyes. Augmented reality merges virtual elements with things you actually see in front of you. The end result is a series of holograms interacting with actual objects.

We got a very fleeting taste of AR with Microsoft’s Hololens. Now MINI, the car company, is teasing us with their own Augmented Vision headset. Designed to boost your driving experience, the headset projects relevant data around you. So you focus on the road, but driving directions, automotive indications, navigation data appears in your peripheral vision. The headset doesn’t take your focus away from the road, it in fact prevents you from having to look away from the road to see your fuel meter, or ask for directions.

It also makes you look like a fashionable squadron plane pilot from WWII.!

Designer: MINI