iPhone Gets Wallmounted and Docked

On/off the Wall is a clever docking station for the iPhone. It wallmounts the phone in such a way that you can operate it without a hitch! The dock casing does not interfere with the touchscreen or the home button. All apps at your fingertips and what’s more the design pays tribute to Donn Koh’s reNEW Solar Charger. Love it!

Designer: Benjamin Helle


  • Jimmy C says:

    I love the use of that carpet texture in the renders. And I love the idea of just plugging this into the wall. I would use this a lot.

  • Allanbritto says:

    It is an interesting functional concept, however I believe the overall design can be improved.

  • Nathan says:

    Why not plug it into the wall with the supplied cord? That way you can at least move the phone around and you dont have to crouch down in front of the wall to use it. Plugging in the phone doesn’t render it (or your opposable thumbs) useless, but this concept takes it one step closer to that. Try refocusing on the design idea.

  • Marucins says:

    Idiots, who has a home power socket at a height of meter?

  • kenblue says:

    I like the sketch:)

  • Emmo709 says:

    Can I order one for my iPhone and iPad please?

  • Emmo709 says:

    All people Complying with UK building regulations, plUs most people with a kitchen.

  • anoush says:

    awesome sketches & illutrator drawings and good innovation, but the design could be refined more ie the aesthetic appeal and the coherence to the phone..

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