An Artistic Eco-Twist on the Hanger

Victor Puzur’s “Trempel” clothes hanger transforms ordinary industrial cardboard tubing into elegant space-saving hangers that perfectly support the shoulders of your shirts, jackets and sweaters as well as accessories like scarves and belts. Each is created by cutting the cardboard tubing at an angle and inserting a pop-rivert with a standard hook. The sculptural result is recycled, reusable art for your closet!

Designer: Victor Puzur


  • Dzeko says:

    What if my clothes are wet?
    Also, I feel the edges may begin to wear out unless they’re coated with a lacquer or something.

  • mr_onion says:

    it’s pretty cool! but i cant hang heavy clothes on it.

  • Terri says:

    These would take up too much space in a standard closet

  • Selmar says:

    Too sharp for the shoulders. Consider sanding that edge.

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