iPhone PRO is Unbelievably GOOD!

Seems like winter got an extension and crisp Apples are still ruling the roost. Sink your teeth into this gorgeous iPhone PRO Concept! It is designed for users who tend to work with the camera more than any other app! The recent iOS update validates the idea. iPhone Pro features a 4.5 inch wide LCD screen with 2 side buttons. The 1.2megapixel 3D camera notches up the funk by hooking well with a DSLR lens. Projector capabilities, portable speaker and removable hard disk (at the rear), make the phone all the more dishy!

The special ‘mount’ connects the iPhone PRO and DSLR lenses seamlessly.


  • 1.2megapixel 3D camera
  • 128x73x9.6(mm)
  • 4.5inch(1280×800)

Designer: Jinyoung Choi


  • Tim says:

    It’s more like unbelievably ugly.

  • m.Hanso says:

    I like it!!!

  • David says:

    I wanna buy it

  • Quintin says:

    Far too complicated, not minimalistic enough for an Apple design.

  • faren says:

    i just don’t get it why everyone feels the need to produce their own version.. this is so NOT practicable.. far too slim to hold with a lens, this just doesn’t make any sens, wonder where this guy learned his trade…

  • Usman says:

    Wao, great concept and design, i wish if this was real, would hv bought it.

  • Usman says:

    Wao great concept and design i wish if this was real would hv bought it.

  • Well then, that looks…different.
    It looks rather clunky to use, however I can imagine distributing images you recently took would be extremely easy as they get stored on the iPhone straight away.

  • Viv says:


  • gene says:

    Looks great for Sony or Samsung, but Apple… also the lens isn’t suitable for a 3D camera I guess

  • jack says:

    until iphone can function as a DSLR body kit. really no point of having the lens without the body.

  • Pravin says:

    looks like monster of all phone

  • Abdur Rehman says:

    great, i like it……thanks a lot for sharing

  • Svivie says:

    Thie is hideous. It goes against the very heart of the iPhone design which is elegance and simplicity. The point is for there to be nothing more than what’s needed and for the form to fade away so you can focus on what you’re doing. This mockup doesn’t stay true to the aspirations of the minimalist iPhone design that Steve envisioned. I’d be seriously disappointed with Apple if they ever chose to release such a “busy” looking iPhone.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Svivie: I’d like to stop you for a moment and point out something. Noone is forcing you to buy this. In fact, this isn’t even on the market. Now I understand that no, it isn’t minimalistic, in fact, it’s quite bulky. But that’s only if you put the lens on it. And the lens is not built to be small, but rather, functional. And really, if you look at it, it’s actually quite nice with the lens off. So it doesn’t really have to “stay true” to Apple’s vision. It just has to work, and be beautiful or functional however the designer decides.

  • Now says:

    Is very cool

  • Yuri.K says:

    Looks like Sony NEXperia Gross 🙁

  • product tank says:

    Yeah the lens and projector base don’t really have an apple aesthetic. Yeah the lens is far too big. Yeah you could pick loads of holes in this, but as a portfolio piece, as a project that gets your name everywhere, as a piece of self publicity – this is brilliant – just look at the track backs. I’ve spent years coming up with problem led, functional, well thought out designs and in terms of the interest generated, this spanks me all over the park. Really well done.

  • Not realistic at all. Apple’s approach would be to quietly develop a tiny lens that fits within the iPhone’s physical envelope, yet performs like the huge honking lens shown here. Apple also ignores unproven fanciful new technologies still looking for a market. As it did with Blu-ray it will do with 3D, pocket projection and any other emerging tech with no proven mass market take up (in the product category, in this case, phones).

    The one element here I do applaud is the sweeping, nicely organic metal frame shape. That’s nice. The rest is way off target as an Apple concept.

  • esau says:

    That great…how much is that pro?

  • MartianR says:

    Just thinking ergonomically, how would one really hold it and focus it ?

  • Martin says:

    It’s one of the best concepts I’ve seen.

  • hadi says:

    Please send me your latest news.

  • Birkk says:

    really great design! i wish apple see that and produce an iphone like that! awesome!

  • Hunter says:

    “This guy” = Steve Jobs; and nobody knows.

  • yomama says:

    This phone is almost like an android and the Lens’s are HuGE

  • Omer says:

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  • Steve Bink says:

    Is It Real?

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