Cute and Functional Combo Tool

If you have ever hit your thumb trying to hammer a nail, you know the unforgettable, mind-numbing pain that follows. This simple Coral Tools combination houses steel flat-head & Phillips screwdrivers within its hard plastic body & also serves as a tripodal stand that holds nails firmly in the center hole to help get them started, ensuring a straight hit while keeping fingers safe. The 3rd arm also holds a corkscrew so you can enjoy some well-deserved wine after all your hard work.

Designer: Jinyoung Choi, Junpyo Kim, Hyungwoo Uhm, Joonhyoung Seo & Kijo Son

Untitled from Choi jinyoung on Vimeo.


  • mf says:

    The hammer head cover is completely useless. It just makes the whole thing take up a lot of space.

  • Dan says:

    I think its integral to the design. It provides leaverage and grip when using the other tools. Do you not think?

  • Charlotte says:

    I wish I knew where to get one>> it looks fabulous…

  • Johnny says:

    Another “tool” for people who shouldn’t be using hand-tools in the first place. How is this supposed to fit in a toolbox?

  • Ray says:

    If you’re only nailing one or two nails this would be fine but otherwise it would become a hassle in no time at all.

  • scythe says:

    after nailing how will you take out this piece of thing.wouldnt it be nailed already. I think should be designed wiser

  • WZhangID says:

    lots of functionality and the aesthetic is really cool. (love the variety of colors) I generally hate those types of wine openers though and it might not strike me to look for a wine opener is in my tool box. But hey, I am guilty of boozin’ while home improving all the time. So I might just buy something like this.

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Concentrating on only one of the failures of this monstrous design, opening wine bottles requires a twisting action which will rip the non-corkscrew arm holsters off of the fragile tetrapod.

    I also can’t resist commenting on the mechanical futility and inefficiency of the hammer mode: this can only be useful under the most limited of circumstances, where a very short nail that is magnetic (assuming that’s a magnetic dot) is combined with a person that can’t tap a tack straight into drywall (to achieve what exactly?).

    This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a market, it just means the market is composed of inept idiots who like wine. I’m not sure that’s a small enough market to make this a terrible design for the demographic.


  • Brenda says:

    I will put it on the table.great color

  • :) says:

    where can we buy it?

  • mr.mind says:

    Too much designers (5 persons) created absolutely unfunctional thing.
    It’s a problem…

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