iPod Nano Touch: Extended and Smarter

Hear, hear all hardcore fanboys, we have a special treat for you and want to know your take on it. Presenting the iPod Nano Touch Concept: Extended and Smarter! The concept includes juicy features like WiFi, front facing camera that enables Facetime calls, weather status, ability to record Nike+ exercise results, classic apps like time, music, radio, images & podcasts.

Enrico explains, “this concept shows a bigger clip on the back side, a lower black part containing the WiFi antenna, central home button, side volume buttons and on/off top button, making this device really close to our everyday iPhone.”

Designer: Enrico Penello


  • Chris says:

    Very cool concept, however I’m not sure Apple would put a camera on a device with a screen that is that aspect ratio…

  • enrico says:


  • Jimmy C says:

    Hah! This is pretty clever! I would love having one of these. It would be hard to play games with though.

  • Just Me says:

    its a skinny iPod….

  • Steven says:


    Is this comment really necessary?


    Cool concept and visualization. Made me think more of an iPhone Nano concept! Cheers!

    Yanko, I love the content you post. However, most of the comments posted on this site are just mean and derogatory. I think designers should get a range of feedback – positive and negative – and ideally, it should be constructive. I think it’s high time you consider monitoring/flagging this type of ignorant, useless feedback.

  • Matt says:

    I really like this. Good job.

  • rian says:

    Tell me, Enrico why would Apple ever sell half-screen version of iPod Touch? It’s an interesting idea, but haven’t you ever considered to put some justification and real comprehension in current iPod Nano design?

    I really wanna hear “why” Apple would adopt this design. Not that Apple must or will, but I’m sure you had your good reasons to develop new ideas. And I’m also sure that the yankodesign readers would like to hear that particular reasoning.

  • enrico says:

    Steven, you catch the point.
    Someone don’t really understand why designers push on concept.
    Thank you for your support

  • enrico says:

    as you said Ryan, is a concept, an idea, not necessarily a final solution for an upcoming product.
    I imagine thai in those Apple offices, they waste time designing products to get the right idea to put on the market.
    I’m just another stupid that make it for free…
    My good reason is find a room for a new needed product, where there’s no room for another needed product. This is the challenge!!!
    Thank you for your comment!

  • I guess the next thing that their going to do is to shrink the size of an Iphone and sell it as mini Iphone. But I like this one.
    I hope it comes along with an accessory where you can use it while jogging or working out on the gym.

  • Marco says:

    And to that I add one more thing: No.

    It is not going to happen.

  • Nathan says:

    Enrico, well done. You’ve done a great job of combining the “best-of” and made some convincing renders to go with. I took a while to realise that it’s not actually real Apple material. Good presentation.

  • Excursioner says:

    I rarely like a non apple design for an Apple product, because normally they’re not based on design by form and function, only by aesthetics. But I can see this working for many people, even hanging as a pen in their shirt pockets. This could be a nice unlocked iPhone nano.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Steven, I agree completely. It’s time for a change around here.

  • JSP says:

    sure. concepts are only concepts. but any good concepts should be derived from rational thinking and understanding the design of the company that you propose it for.

  • kamie says:

    its a great idea but I just want to find out how much it cost.

  • kamie says:

    and does it have head phone plugs.

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