A rare occasion where geometry and alcohol pair well together


On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most popular, and one being the least, it’s safe to say that most humans would score geometric solids on the lower side, while scoring fine alcoholic spirits an average of a 9 or a 10. That being said, combining the two isn’t something that really sounds like a winning idea, but Restoration Hardware seems to have pulled it off with their Polyhedron Bar Cart.

Designed as a modernist sculptural element that adds flair to any drinking room, the Polyhedron Bar Cart is a hat-tip to mid-century Italian design principals, utilizing a faceted, geometric shape and a matte black wooden construction to complement any sort of interior space. The cabinet comes in the shape that one would technically refer to a Pentakis dodecahedron, or a dodecahedron where each pentagonal face comprises 5 isosceles triangles. The geometric minibar comes with a smoked-mirror-lined internal storage and built-in platforms/racks, while the 3 topmost pentagonal faces open outwards to reveal the libations within. The pentagonal lids also double up as countertops for pouring, mixing, and display purposes. This design layout means that the Polyhedron Bar Cart doesn’t have a front or a back. It can virtually be oriented in any way, looking identical (and remarkably eye-catching) from most angles. I hear it looks even better after you’ve had a couple of drinks…

Designer: Restoration Hardware