Double Flush for Green Power

Eco Toilet gives you the option of using recycled washbasin water and regular fresh water for flushing. The water tank is divided into two segments and the recycle section further has an LED indicator on it. When it’s full and ready for use, the light glows green, otherwise just do your business with the regular flush. Simple as that!

Designer: Jang Woo-seok


  • Jimmy C says:

    Well done. This is pretty efficient. I wouldn’t like leaning up against the sink, though. Maybe you should move it over a bit.

  • Sofia says:

    I like the idea a lot, but not so much the design, it doesn’t look that comfortable. But my biggest problem will be about functionality. What will happen with the “green water” after I filled the tank? I would need to flush the toilett if I need to wash my hands, even if I don’t want to use the bathroom?

  • deadcat says:

    using up shower water would catch up more water 😀

  • anoush says:

    love the ‘concept’. i question the aesthetic, coherence & the ergonomics.

  • David Townsend says:

    Impressive concept. Applicable to a variety of designs depending on the setting. I like that you are able to flush even if you haven’t filled the green tank and that fresh water is available for washing, etc. even if you haven’t flushed. Bravo.

  • Paulina Santander says:

    Shower water may be usefully saved for watering garden.

  • Franco says:


  • Quinton says:

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