Quirky rocking chair’s jagged design creates an illusion of a ‘motion blur’

Bordering on visually uncomfortable, this rocking chair from Instagram user Muddycap has us captivated for all the right reasons! The chair has a highly unusual design, with severely jagged edges that simulate the feeling of movement. Building on the concept of visual permanence and the motion blur, this chair creates the illusion of being in constant motion, even when it’s standing still.

Designer: Muddycap

The Fast Rocking Chair, as it’s aptly called, comes crafted from Maple wood and secured with a coat of paint to hide the wood-grain which would give the illusion away. Each chair features different pieces of wood, cut using a mechanical saw to match the unique shapes, and joined together using traditional joineries. The result is a chair that looks cartoonishly fast, prompting you to spend more time looking at it. Sure, you could sit on it too – it might look jagged but it isn’t uncomfortable.

The jagged design exists only on the side profiles, so there’s really no danger of you hurting yourself while sitting on the rocking chair. The seat and armrest are flat, and the backrest has a mild corrugated design. That being said, the chair is definitely a health hazard for kids and pets who may often run around the house. While most furniture have a few sharp edges, the Fast Rocking Chair is essentially an invitation to the ER for children or pets with zoomies, or adults with ADHD.

However, the rocking chair makes for a really fun visual experiment. Muddycap’s entire Instagram profile is filled with such explorations, aiming at turning furniture into conversation pieces rather than have them stuck in the realm of hardcore functionality. The rocking chairs obviously aren’t for sale, although there’s no denying that they certainly do look rather mesmerizing.