Ballistic Blender

No, it’s not a missile, but this sleek hand-held blender will totally pulverize anything in its path! A great alternative to your average bulky countertop blender, the compact design saves space but packs just as powerful of a punch. The multipurpose blade is ideal for chopping, crushing, or purée in both shallow and deep containers, and with its protective guard it’s safe to use on glass, plastic or any other common material type.

With tactile grips, a smooth, easy-to-clean finish, and accent/safety lighting it’s as practical as it is attractive.

Designer: Luka Bassanese


  • Jimmie says:

    It’s not clear to me what makes this superior to the myrad of handheld blenders already on the market from companies like Cuisinart and Kitchenaid?

    I suspect the scalloped blade shield will result in rather poor performance since each scallop creates a gap where the spinning blade cannot reach.

  • Alabert says:

    The food can’t stack in the gaps due to high-speed spining of the blade.
    The shield will result in low splashing of the mixed food.

    Like Braun:

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