The Easy Binder

Hole Punch Binder is a combination of a punch machine and a binder; basically office equipment that will make filing sheets a whole lot easier! Writing paperwork and maintaining files is quite an art and if anything helps to make the process easy, should be applauded. Thankfully all my sheets are digital documents and am saved from all this hassle!

Hole Punch Binder is a 2011 Sparks Award entry.

Designer: Seonyoung Choi


  • Rob says:

    That’s pretty clever. I like it.

  • Feniks says:

    Scrolling is not possible.

  • Jimmy C says:

    This is a little hard to follow.

  • tor says:

    Hight cost cost of production, so that is why we all buy separately.

  • NONj says:

    i don’t think that is possible~~

  • jlgrobe says:

    not suitable for ages 15 and under, and 50 and over.
    and not recommended for distracted people between 15 and 50.

    its the combination of a binder a punch machine without its protection.
    also he hasnt disassembled a punch machin. that rotational movement will make some odd holes.

  • Eric says:

    Wouldn’t you only be able to punch a few pieces of paper, then have them all fall out if you ever needed to add to it?

  • Just pass by says:

    Maybe the designer is not in the industries…If design the whole punching mechnism into the product, the cost may rise up to 5~10 times than the original version….

    Need to think more …:D

  • alaor says:

    The holes need to be bigger than the binder clamps, the movement should be linear, so it will not work.

    Probably a lot of people had the same idea, but the majority soon realized it wont’t work.

  • Scrolling is not possible.

  • ring binders says:

    For me, this type of binder is designed for office use. Students could have hard time organizing this than the usual binders. It could be helpful for organizing bulk documents.

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