The Fire Mix!

The Fire Formula is a cool fire extinguisher where the chemicals can be mixed together on location in a jiffy. Apparently you can choose the amount of water and carbon dioxide combo that you require and douse the flame. However I like it more for its designer appeal. It looks way better than the traditional extinguishers and borders on being classy!

Designers: Sheng-Hung Lee & Chen-Hua Wang


  • ben says:

    i can already see myself in a fire accidentaly spraying myself with the CO2

  • Lee, Sheng-Hung says:

    It’ a new type for this product.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Not bad.

  • Lee, Sheng-Hung says:

    Thank you Jimmy C.

  • Martini says:

    ^ very good point above.. cool concept and all but in an emergency there is no clear indication to which way to spray.. the shape of the product makes it confusing
    Traditional fire extinguishers, you cant go wrong.. just point the hose in the direction and spray

  • Maryline says:

    The design is really nice but how does one know how to choose the amount of water and CO2 to mix, let alone in case of emergency?

  • Lee, Sheng-Hung says:

    I think the author misinterprets my design. It is not “mix”. It is to select the right “ingredient”. Not spray out C02 + H20 both at the same time that is to say only one ingredient for spraying out depending on the situation or users.

  • ErinAnn says:

    Yeah,…there’s that whole smoke thing that goes on with fires… That and the stress. This would be a disaster.

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