Your teeth will thank you

This toothbrush doesn’t just look streamlined and great, it’s designed to be the next step in oral hygiene. It ditches nylon bristles for something much better. Rather than those hard bristles that hurt your gums and scrape away precious enamel, and don’t last very long, the Boie Brush comes with a single piece silicone head that has silicone bristles molded right into it! Silicone as a material has been the closest to human skin, so the bristles feel great against the teeth and don’t scrub away the protective enamel layer, but instead gently and effectively cleanse your mouth. Coated with silver particles, the bristles even act as an antimicrobial scrub, killing harmful germs in the process. Lastly, silicone lasts twice as long as regular bristles, so that means monetary savings, as well as saving the earth from unnecessary plastic pollution. To minimize this further, the silicone heads are interchangeable, so you retain the handle and all you do is switch brush heads every time you want a replacement!

The design of BOIE immediately indicates that it’s something absolutely unique. The single color scheme helps differentiate the product as most brushes have a minimum of two colors, since the bristles are usually a different hue from the handles. The streamlined design of the brush gives it a minimal feel, bringing focus to function, rather than form, and available in four rather pleasant-to-look-at colors, the Boie is clearly the toothbrush of the future… both functionally and visually!

Designer: Boie USA