This Rabbit R1 AI Smartwatch would have been a smash success at CES 2024…

Smartphone technology has come a long way and most of us would consider there is no going back from the endless convenience of next-gen phones that keep dropping every other week. This notion may be on the verge of change, with a pocket-friendly Rabbit that paced through the hearts of CES attendees this year. Dubbed the R1, a walkie-talkie-like device created by a startup called Rabbit in collaboration with Teenage Engineering and it is an AI-assisted smartphone alternative.

This retro-styled personal assistant with a screen, camera, and a scroll wheel is half the size of an iPhone 15 and presents a simpler and less distractive way to interact with technology. How the R1 really functions is a story untold, but its nostalgic simplicity has had over 10,000 customers and a designer floored. The designer has added wearable convenience to the Rabbit making it a compact AI watch.

Designer: Alisher Ashimov

The first visible motive for turning the palm-sized personal voice assistant into a wearable is to eliminate the need for an extra device to carry in the pocket, whatever the size might be. Aptly named Rabbit R1 AI Watch, it will enhance portability without compromising the uniqueness of the original design.

To that accord, the designer has retained the vibrant orange color theme to keep with the retro vibe. The wrist-worn voice assistant has the same square dial with features like a camera, a control wheel, speakers, microphones and the pioneering push-to-speak button included.

The redesigned wearable preserves a sim card slot to allow the watch to function independent of a smartphone, which is essentially the stand-out feature of the Rabbit R1 itself. The app-less handheld AI assistant takes us back to a time when using a phone was simple, and the idea of the watch keeps with that ideology.

It runs the Rabbit OS which allows it to conduct regular tasks like ordering Uber or checking out your grocery directly using the Rabbit’s proprietary Large Action Model (LAM) AI model. LAM is adaptable, which means it can learn and interact with new applications and actions you want it to learn. There is no word on the specifications of the AI Watch, but we presume when it is ready, it will be close to the 4 gigs of memory, 128GB storage, and 2.3GHz MediaTek processor that its inspiration Rabbit R1 features.