Automotive Inspired Timepiece

The AP1 watch is a nod to the first generation Honda S2000, one of the first cars to offer a push button start to the mass market. The watch mimics the form of the button and is equal in simple functionality: time, alarm, date, and stop watch/lap timer. A great watch for the weekend racer and automotive enthusiast!

Designer: Aaron Seltzer


  • Dave says:

    Wait… Wut? First cars to offer push button start to mass market was the S2000?

    The 1912 Caddilac, the first car to have an electric starter, had push button start almost 100 years ago, and almost every car had it or something similar until the 1950’s when they started combining the starter button with the ignition switch.

    Nice clean design, but if they were going to market it to the automotive set I hope that isn’t the blurb they’d use… we’re a bit of a pedantic breed 😉

  • cars news says:

    This is a really nice watches way ti go Honda

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