Red Dot Basin for You!

This is a lovely basin faucet that lets you know exactly what’s going on with your hot and cold water. How? Take a peek! It’s not one of those newfangled digital display sorts of things, nay, this is just fabulous sculptural design. Across the head of the faucet you’ll see two paths, one for cold water, and one for hot. As they meet at the tip of the spout, a magical combination brings you warm.

This lovely design comes equipped with a user-friendly mounting system called ISMAFIX that allows basically anyone the ability and safe environment they need to install the faucet all by their self! All you’ve got to do is insert the exposed brass part in the faucet hole, put the seals around, turn the blue ISMAFIX tool until to secure the faucet in place, and WOW! You’ve just done it yourself.

This faucet is (or will be?) available at a price that “won’t break the bank” through DIY retailers – fun!

DUO washbasin mixer is a Red Dot Product Design award winner in for the year 2010 in the category of Bathrooms, spa and air-conditioning!

Designers: ISMA Creative Faucet