A Decluttering Dream Come True

Do a quick web search and you’ll find there aren’t many attractive options in the way of toothbrush holders and razor stands. Sad, but true! Until now… Solo is the minimalist solution for the discerning user that wants to bump up their bathroom style. It’s subdued styling and small footprint keep your counter space clean and clear. Precision CNC machined and handcrafted, the solid metal stand keeps your razor or toothbrush of almost any size handy and sanitary.

Designer: FLYT


  • Advisorboard says:

    What’s wrong with plastic or ceramic holders? That thing could be one dangerous projectile.!

  • conceptinator says:

    this looks like something that should be a part of a series of products. looks incomplete on its own.

  • Jess says:

    That’s why its called solo. 😛

  • designstudent says:

    wait. they’re going to CNC machine each and every piece?!?! that’s going to cost a FORTUNE!!!!

  • ChronaZone says:

    Dear Designer,
    Firstly, “designstudent” is absolutely right. Manufacturing each piece from a metal block isn’t the most feasible way to go. If you want a feel of something machined, design the texture in your die/mould. This is a very illogical approach for two reasons. Firstly, the product’s purpose. This is undoubtedly an item of luxury. Only people with curated tastes will go for this. With such a niche market, you’d need to cater to a small demand. Whereas CNC machining is a good option for catering to low demand, it’s also time and resource intensive. Your end product will take hours to make, there will be loads of material wasted in the form of shavings and burrs. Also, this will require some sort of treatment post machining, to remove sharp edges, and also ensure it isn’t susceptible to rust. That’s a lot of work for a product of this nature. Not to mention what I personally find the most nagging is its “Solo” nature. This product, after all the effort put behind it, holds just one razor or tooth-brush. That just seems like a shame. Having such a MASSIVE carbon-footprint for something this miniscule. Not worth the effort, I’m afraid.

  • Chris says:

    You can check Muji: http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?Sec=17&Sub=72&PID=6639

    Similar concept but made of porcelain.

  • Chronazone says:

    There you go, Chris. The Muji product costs $2, and the SOLO costs $25. I mentioned the niche market, didn’t I?

  • Jonny says:

    I used HUMN product http://goo.gl/bhJrqS which is similar idea with SOLO. In my option is better cause they have extra ”water absorption of ceramic pad”.

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