Personal Water Meter by Adam Kereliuk

With the growing cost and often shortage of water these days, it comes down to an individual effort to use less. With personal water meter(PWM), people would be able to track their usage on high traffic fixtures in the home such as showers and sinks.

The PWM tracks water usage per day/week/month all in real-time, so you can see exactly what you’re using, when you’re using it. The counter starts and stops when water flow does, so when flow begins, the “single” option will appear on the screen and count from 0 liters to however many you finish with. This amount will then be added into the total liters per day/week/month. Each time frame will reset accordingly.

As water flows through the PWM it spins a propeller. Much like a car will gauge RPM’s, a small sensor will count the revolutions of the propeller, and send the information to the CPU. The speed of the propeller can then be converted into a formula that can determine the volume of water that has passed.

Designer: Adam Kereliuk


  • Kerstin says:

    I would love to buy one of these – but how????

  • Sean Darras says:

    I would love to talk to you about your product. Please email me or call me at 717368-5941

  • seejayjames says:

    Is there any way to get the data out of this device into a microcontroller like Arduino or into a computer directly? Thanks!

  • Reece says:

    slight problem…it wouldn’t be able to measure dripping…and thats a significant amount of water

  • Josh says:

    If you kept it on a pressurized line, it would be as likely to measure drippage from the end of the line as any other usage. However, I don’t see it being 100% accurate, as a low flow could bypass the mechanism. As it is, I would think that error is introduced in this design, it’s not as accurate as what you would find in a true water meter.

  • Michael says:

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  • Alexander Lapidus says:

    I like your Idea and design. I am design engineer in water purification Device Company and we are looking to find water measuring devise to use in our products. Could you send me information about this product? Or call me at 425-381-1413.

  • Rick says:

    I like it! I’m in the water treatment business and we are always measuring water flow to size equipment, this looks like something that could save us a lot of time.

    Where do we get it and how much?

    [email protected]

  • buyung widhi says:

    slight problems, how do you measure shower usage using this?

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