Sink in Space

Let me take you on a fancy journey into the deep thought involved in a sculptural sink design. This is a world where a spaceship floats over a sea of porcelain, bringing you only what the title of the project implies: “The Dream of Water.” Of course this sink is fully functional, and using it will be like a dream to you. Come with me into the poetry that is water delivery, brought to you by no less that designer Jerome Olivet.

Here at Yanko Design we definitely do encourage creative sink making, especially when the design is heavily sculptural and/or innovative in its delivery. The delivery of this sink is certainly unique. Take a peek at this poetry included in the product description (from Olivet) and view the magical video presentation below.

Molded in white ceramic, the bathtub reveals its magic.
Several walls of light surround our area of well-being.

We are therefore transported to an aquatic and wonderful world.
This is an invitation to travel in a shining spaceship that spins slowly in the wind.
Carved out of a shiny metal, the aerodynamic faucet soars above the water.
Lying beneath, all these curves strangely caress us. Peace descends calmly.

And it’s being bathed in this warm and fragrant water that allows happiness to gently invade us.

Designer: Jerome Olivet