Harddrive with a Trackpad FTW

So you’ve seen your fair share of harddrives, right? You’ve got the kind that sit inside your computer (lame!) then there’s the kind that you can carry with you and access on multiple computers (getting warmer), now there’s on that you can basically just connect to a monitor and use as a trackpad (whoa, what the?) That’s right, this utterly simple block hunk of technology is a trackpad that doubles as a harddrive that doubles as an all-access machine.

There’s an HDD version and an SSD version, the top is made with carbon fiber and the base is made of glass. The top is sensitive to touch, and the whole project is green as it can be. This is one of those projects where you really wish there were just a few more details that’d made it turn into a real live product. Inspiring!

Designer: André Duarte Silva