The Power of YOU

This clever gadget, called Activ, makes it possible to harness the kinetic energy created by your own body! The personal electricity generator was designed to be worn on the knee- with each step, it juices up the battery a little more. After it’s full, just attach a USB cord directly to Activ to power your cell phone or other device. Instead of plugging into the wall… plug into you!

Designer: Ben Azzam


  • Hunter says:

    Something tells me that this will make it very difficult to walk.
    Have you ever tried one of those crank-charge flashlights? Generating energy creates friction, which makes it difficult to operate.

  • bear says:

    the muscles surrounding your knee are far more powerfull and have greater endurance then those in your arms, i think the impact on normal function will probably be noticable but minimal.

  • Bear is correct, Through my research and a crude prototype I determined there would be very minimal impact. I also took into consideration the weight of the device, and determined it should weigh no more than 1 lb. (notice the material cutouts) Thanks for the comments! For more detailed information check out my coroflot site!

  • morpheo says:

    I’ve been wearing an orthosis for the past months and that thing doesn’t stay put however hard you try. And it’s basically friction-less. Have a hard time seeing this one working out of the box.

    Legs are cone-shaped. Not even the muscles in the calves really helt, everything just slides down.

  • z says:

    I like this. can i get more information or picture?

  • osligomo says:

    This would be great for me to wear in class as I teach, for I feel like I walk miles but never leave the room. What is the status of this being available?

  • Armando says:

    Where would I be able to get one ?

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