Wishlist: Assisted Cooking Concept Kitchens From Electrolux (Part 1)


An ardent supporter of concept design, Electrolux has charted a special course in the world of appliances and their future. The fame, creditability and glory that the Electrolux Design Lab Awards had brought into the lives of young designers, can be seen in the way the winners have charted their course, after an internship with the appliance giant. Nostalgia aside, I’m pretty excited to showcase the Assisted Cooking Concept Kitchen, which the company is showcasing at the EuroCucina 2018.

Their stellar portfolio includes ovens with responsive glass that turns transparent when someone is close by and shows milestones within the cooking process; work stations that have clever integration of chopping boards and knife cleaners; intuitive refrigerators and innovative ceramic hoods, amongst other things.

Part 1 features four of the eight inspiring kitchen concepts.

Designer: Electrolux

The Electrolux Serve and Preserve is a combination refrigerator with three-compartments and it includes a freezer, a fridge and larder. The good part of the design technology is that it continuously optimizes the temperature to keep food the freshest. It has pull-out pantry shelves for easy access, making the fridge the most efficient appliance in this form.

The Electrolux VisualGarden refrigerator gives easy viewing access to the fruits and vegetables compartment. The proximity sensors light up the tray, so that you are encouraged to cook healthy. The crisper slides out so that you can dig into the vegetables tray easily.

The Electrolux FlexiChill will make wine enthusiasts very happy! The concept allows you to enjoy a glass without having to finish the entire bottle. The preservation technology dispenses argon gas in to the bottle, removing oxygen exposure and thus maintaining the wine for longer. Moreover, the temperature of this section is optimized to keep the wine fresh for longer.

The Electrolux SmartOven includes SenseOven and SenseOven 2.0

The SenseOven – featuring two touch sensors on a handle that work the automated door, so that you can operate it with ease and focus more on your dish rather than the oven mechanism.

The SenseOven 2.0 – Featuring a responsive glass technology with sensors to intuitively know when someone is close to the oven, the glass of the oven automatically becomes transparent so that you can peek inside and keep an eye on the dish. The technology helps during the cooking process and provides temperature and time support for many dishes. The glass turns back to normal black and blends into the kitchen space when not in use.

​Part 2 of the Electrolux kitchen innovations is just round the bend; stay tuned. In case you are in Milan right now, do look them up at the EuroCucina 2018, which is a part of the Milan Design Week 2018 and say ‘Hi!’ to Tom for us!