Illusion For Hot Chocolate?

We have been exploring the various ways to get the perfect coffee fix while completely ignoring our other addiction, CHOCOLATE! My apologies. It wasn’t till Ahmad Bittar brought to my notice the Maya Machine. Now Maya means illusion, so let’s get swept up in this fantasy express. Maya is completely dedicated to the chocolate cause, it’s similar to the espresso machine, but doesn’t use crass powders to bring out the choco-licious flavors. It uses special pods of real chocolate that melts & blends into steamed fresh milk. Giving you the perfect velvet-chocolate experience.

Maya Delivers the Ultimate Hot Chocolate Experience

Maya’s technology has been created and patented to get the best chocolate taste and finish. It is a machine meant for your kitchen counter, but I don’t see why offices can’t adopt it.

Designer: Cambridge Design Partnership



Maya - Hot Chocolate Drink Machine by Cambridge Design Partnership


  • Nicola says:

    it has the same design as Lavazaza A MODO MIO !!!! how many times do you drink coffee and how many times do you drink chocolate???? another place holder in your house?

  • Jimmy C says:

    It’s good! But why are the cups so small? It’s not a wine tasting…

  • Someone should make one for weed. Vodka and MJ and you have yourself a green dragon.

    Half Baked Potatoes

  • callim says:

    it is very good

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