Autonomous Water Resource

Inspired by the natural occurrence of water condensing onto leaves, the Leaf system uses the same principle to collect dew before filtering and turning it into usable water. A solar powered thermoregulator ensures the surface temp is always below the dewpoint of the surrounding air, triggering drops to form and slide into the carbon/sand filtering layers located in the “stem.” Depending on humidity, the unit can collect up to 15 liters of water every day!

Designer: Anurag Sarda


  • Matthew says:

    A fantastic idea. Functional, helpful and doesn’t look like most designs inspired by organic origins, which all to often are just weird. I can see the plant/leaf look of it without having it shoved down my throat in an abstract a strange way.

    Couple that with an evaporative system to cool air and you could could really make some inroads towards localized climate control.

  • sakshi says:

    all the dust partial and bird’s shit will also go inside

  • The sand filtration system is installed to deal with this.

  • Stefanie says:

    Are these available for purchase??

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