This detailed furniture’s modular design is the perfect canvas to display any exhibit!

Furniture designs are dedicated to being indoors or outdoors, but rarely is it that one versatile piece of furniture can be taken from home to outdoors to even your workspace! Designer Tim Denton brings together his love of furniture and high-quality craftsmanship with the Display A – a collection of flexible furniture. Modular, perfect for everything from a small pop-up store, a cafe to even a DIY space, the Display A is the best way to display your love of labor and your skill while its design inspires you to attain the same level of details in your work!

The Display A, on the first glance, comes across as a mix of an easel, a foosball table, and a pinhole wall – totally different elements that don’t usually go together until they do. This unique storage design is modular while retaining the essential functions of being a storage piece. Let’s divide and have a deeper look at the elements, shall we? The basic frame that holds the structure is an A-shaped easel with the handmade furniture’s details showcasing the love of labor put in by the designer. The top of the frame comes with rounded pegs to hang any exhibit in the frame. Next, comes the planks with two options – the pinhole based board that allows you to arrange and create your shelving space as per your requirement. The second board has shallow shelves to hold up smaller display exhibits like cards, flyers, or even posters. Lastly, the drawers come with handles to affix onto the table base creating an open display or cover it up with clear acrylic sheets and its dust-proof too! The collection, altogether, includes everything you need to set up an exhibit, showcase your work, or just set it up in your office space to showcase your valuables. A major plus, the entire set co-ordinates beautifully to create a uniquely minimal aesthetic that is sure to uplift any space while not distracting from the exhibit displayed in all its glory! Showcase your plants, show off your artwork, display that poster you created or lay down your crafts – the Display A is ready for you.

All items in the collection are constructed from Birch plywood, Valchromat, and Ash timber. Everything in the system is customizable and made to order in their Manchester workshop. The studio is also open to making bespoke additions to the design as per our particular needs.
The beauty of this design lies in its modularity, minimalism, and its beauty in highlighting the showcased design without stealing the attention. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having this in my home to display all the memorabilia I keep collecting in an organized fashion!

Designer: Tim Denton