Melting Away Lights

I’ve had a bitter experience with a 200-watt bulb and here’s my story: when I dunked my phone accidentally into a mug of water, like a bright person I decided to evaporate the excess moisture by placing the phone under my table lamp. The 200-watt heat melted & disfigured the plastic interface and now I’ve cursed the bulb….and melted it! True story, but the Melt Bulb here is actually a reflection on how eco-conscious we are getting by replacing bulbs with LEDs. Just a gentle reminder by Keita, about precious electricity and how melted bulbs can make chic decor!

Bronze Award: The 22nd Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition for Students

Designer: Keita Ogawa

[youtube: 605 445]

Melt LED Light by Keita Ogawa